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World’s second tallest tower will be in St Petersburg

Lakhta Centre II on the outskirts of St Petersburg will be the second tallest skyscraper in the world. At 703 metres it will be just shorter than Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa (828m). Europe’s tallest building is the Lakhta Center (462m), which is the headquarters for energy giant Gazprom, also in St Petersburg.

Tony Kettle of the Kettle Collective is lead design for the project. It may be recalled here that Tony Kettle whilst at RMJM, had led the concept design team for Phase 1 of the Lakhta Centre creating an iconic building and masterplan that will revitalise an area of former industrial land 12km from the city centre on the coast off the Gulf of Finland. Kettle Collective were engaged for Phase 2 Concept so that Tony Kettle could continue the same principles into the next phase.

Lakhta Centre II will boast of the highest occupied floor and viewing gallery of any building in the world, soaring above the Shanghai Tower (632m), which is currently the second tallest structure. The new tower will house pioneering multi-car lifts, powered by regenerating energy from the movement of the lift and is seen as a complementary development to the first Lakhta Center. The build will include requirements universally recognised as essential for the office of the future – accommodation and relaxation spaces fulfilling the ‘live, work, and play’ needed in a 21st century business centre.

The tower is born out of an idea that has been inspired by energy in all of its forms, from helical waves generated around deep space quasars to the spirals of wave energy. The outer layer of the building will be created from spiralling columns that form an open organic helical diagrid, while the structure will be carved out by a series of spiral atriums shared with vertical public spaces.

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