WSDS hails Amaravati

WSDS hails Amaravati

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The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) – 2018 which concluded last week in New Delhi has endorsed Amaravati as the world’s most sustainable capital city. The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS), TERI’s flagship event, is a leading forum for discussing sustainable development issues.

Ajay Jain, principal secretary, energy, APCRDA while making a presentation at WSDS explained the AP government’s decision to adopt environmentally sound technologies and the best global practices for achieving improvement in economic growth, urbanisation and increase in climatic resilience. Ajay Jain also said in his presentation that Amaravati will go for non-polluting, MSME, start-ups, light and green industries, women’s entrepreneurs, banks, knowledge-based industries, logistics and support system and skill development centre that create sustainable economic activity and jobs.

Ajay Jain’s presentation drew lot of appreciation from large number of people gathered at the summit. TERI director general Ajay Mathur also added that the institute is planning to organise a global energy efficiency summit in Amaravati.

It may be noted here that APCRDA is undertaking string of measures to create micro-climate in the core capital region of Amaravati. The aim is to keep pollution level at the lowest level and make the youngest capital a blue-green city. APCRDA will be constituting an Environment Cell to monitor and ensure that all new buildings coming up in the core capital region follow the green building concept norms. Further, to achieve the large-scale greenery, the APCRDA has procured saplings of banyan, neem, Indian beech and peltophorum are all fast-growing evergreen trees which do not shed leaves to plant at least 600 of them per hectare. No red bricks will be allowed in construction of buildings in the proposed capital city. Instead of red clay bricks, the light-weight, long-lasting environment-friendly flyash bricks will be used.

The World Sustainable Development Summit (WSDS) has been conceptualized as a single platform to accelerate action towards sustainable development and especially climate change. The WSDS series seeks to bring together the finest minds and leading thinkers of the world to focus attention on the challenge of sustainable development and has emerged as a landmark event addressing issues pertinent to the future of humanity.