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45 Litre Semi-round Sensor Bins; design Simplehuman

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The simplehuman semi-round senor bin opens automatically with just a wave of your hand so throwing rubbish away is quick, efficient and hassle-free. It has a motion sensor that adapts to your tasks – when the lid is closed, the sensor range is short and focused no false triggers. When open, the sensor expands to the area in front of the bin, so the lid won’t close until you are finished. The bin features an innovative liner pocket that stores and dispenses liners from inside the bin for a faster liner change. The stainless-steel liner rim lifts up for easy access to the liner, then closes to grip and keep it neatly out of sight. A nano-silver clear coat, protects the stainless steel from fingerprints and germs. Battery operated by 4 x AA batteries, which last up to 1 year.

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