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Maximalist Marvels by Beyond Designs

Beyond Designs launch their latest collection Maximalist Marvels at ID 2018.

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The collection is about breaking from the usual norm of less is more and moving on to the world of more is more. The vivid collection is a seamless blend of contemporary lines with bits of Indian inspirations, complete with mid-century style tables to glamorous chandeliers and global fabrics. The design suggests thoughtful craftsmanship, making the entire collection stand apart. The collection is about bold colours, patterns and creativity. 

Maximalist Marvels is all about embracing luxurious materials and textures, concentrating on the details to yield products and furnishings that are visually enticing and emotionally evocative. While many of the pieces are midcentury-inspired, they’re upholstered in materials like velvet, and feature a mix of bold hues with metallic and mirrored accents.

The statement furniture and stunning accessories from the collection will make your home brim with character and exquisite designs.

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