Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection; Chen Xuan, Shishang Architecture

Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection; Chen Xuan, Shishang Architecture

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Auspicious Dresser - Oriental Treasures Furniture Collection

Oriental Treasures is a series of elegant luxury furniture pieces, fusing oriental design and functions with fine Italian craftsmanship. Designed by Lea Chen, a leading Chinese interior designer and architect, the collection spans four objects:  Royal Medicinal Cabinet, Emperor’s Clothes Rack, Auspicious Dresser, Mountain Altar.

Each object is a modern re-interpretation of classical Chinese furniture pieces, impeccably crafted with exquisite materials and available in two colour tones. No matter as standalone object, or in combination, Oriental Treasures will add a touch of Eastern wisdom and beauty to their surroundings.

Royal Medicinal Cabinet

The Chinese apothecary cabinet is called Yaochu, or also hundred-eye cabinet. These cabinets historically have numerous pull-out drawers to store herbs and ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine.

Royal Medicinal Cabinet re-imagines the classic apothecary cabinet as a confident and superbly designed furnishing piece that compliments dining rooms, hallways and living areas. Its drawers are framed by a 24k gold finish top-board and rounded stand. The drawer details include a two colour finish, separating the outside and inside, as well as solid 24k gold finish knobs that add value to the elegant appearance.

Emperor’s Clothes Rack

Throughout the Qing Dynasty racks were traditionally used to hang the elaborate coats and intricate dresses of the feudal elite.

Emperor’s Clothes Rack again can be used to hang coats and also other clothes at the end of a busy day, or to display a collection of ties and belts for example. The two 24k gold finish hanging rods are of different height, and provide ample space also for clothes hangers, and the bottom drawers serve to store daily wear or accessories.

A beautiful furnishing object, coming in various finishes, that not only attracts eyes and hearts of the observer, but also provides convenience in function and an elegant storage solution.

Auspicious Dresser

Auspicious Dresser is a re-imagination of a large and low cabinet that would traditionally be placed in the centre of a Chinese living area or, in the colder North, would be placed in front of the heated kang, a traditional family-size bed made of bricks.

These dressers would contain everyday items, and sometimes included secret compartments for storing valuables. Auspicious Dresser is intended to function as a storage piece in a large wardrobe or be placed in the bedroom. As a low side drawer it also can beautifully appoint a dining or living area.

Mountain Altar

In its original use, this console would serve as an altar table at the centre of worship in Chinese homes or Buddhist temples. The modern Mountain Altar is a semi-clear bent glass console, sitting on top of a glass-mountain featuring intricate ancient wood inlays.

This style of mountain is a typical oriental item, often painted in so called “Mountain Water” paintings (Shan Shui), reflecting the yin and yang of harmony and peace. The solid and very premium bent glass console, in combination with the finely crafted glass mountain, is an elegant piece of furniture, light and fluid and at the same time commanding attention to its beauty.

It works well as a sideboard and can stand alone as a room’s centre piece, against a wall, or blend in with there home decor.

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