Ottimo Showcases Tumidei & ATL’s Home Offices Featuring On Off

Ottimo Showcases Tumidei & ATL’s Home Offices Featuring On Off

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Solution 214-min

Solution 214-min
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Ottimo showcases Tumidei & ATL’s Home Offices Featuring On Off
photographs: Ottimo

For people whose work spirit is not limited to simply their office, On/Off is the answer. Tumidei & ATL have come up with smart, space saving, home office solutions that will help you transform your favorite recreational space into your work space; and vice versa. Work your way to success in these trendy as well as smart office spaces that will function only when you need them. The compact designs can be incorporated into any small space without disturbing your furniture setting.

Ottimo has showcased the latest concept in smart space saving furniture at their flagship store at Ghitorni – “On-Off” designed by ATL Group and Tumidei.

On Off will transform your living space effortlessly into a professional work space or vice versa with a simple button press. It is one unavoidable solution for all working professionals living singularly or all the freelance work professionals who would want to walk in an office space every day. These designs are highly customizable and require minimal efforts to be put into execution.

According to Ashok Basoya, the founder of Ottimo, “On Off maximizes comfort and usage with minimal space and resources. It utilizes the same space and furniture to create two distinct ambiences – of daytime and night time. This ability to transform a living space into two different moods make it hugely popular as a work from home solution.”

A popular concept in Europe, On Off is now available in India as both – a mechanical and remote controlled solution. Additionally, one can choose from a range of pre designed solutions or have a solution customized to suit your preferences.