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S.T.Unicom launches Solar Lanterns from Les Jardins in India

S.T.Unicom brings in India, the most effective solar lighting collective on earth from Les Jardins. The French brand believed that modern day lighting should work better, smarter and cleaner. The growing threat on our environment inspired the brand to make solar light which create more lighting with less energy to reduce impact on our environment. Powered by LED panels that charge just by being left outside, Les Jardin’s solar lanterns are not only better looking than their competition but more finely tuned with longer-lasting lights that are energy efficient and water resistant. Their solar lighting harnesses the sun’s energy via a removable solar-powered LED module set within visually stunning architectural frames built with race cart technology. A timeless blend of ergonomics, feeling, material and color characterize each of their products like lantern, garden light, planter, torch and lamp post. Even when technology evolves the solar light will remain with us on the go.

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