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Sans Souci launches their latest collection Interplay

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Crafted by some of the world’s most innovative lighting architects and artists, the newest Sans Souci collection entitled “Interplay” focuses heavily on the combination of colors, light, movement and as always, imagination. Each piece, each hand-blown creation in some way makes reference to both the delicacy and boldness inherent in the world in which we live. And while some may see these as irreconcilable, Sans Souci adapted this dichotomy into a brilliant opportunity to develop lighting fixtures that highlighted their philosophy—one that blends centuries of precise and delicate Czech glassmaking artistry with the dynamic, nearly unstoppable energy of a modern-day world.

The collection features such pieces as “Aurora,” a hand-blown celestial interpretation of the phenomenon known as the polar lights. They are also showcasing two pieces which depend heavily on the implicit fragility, beauty and playfulness of the leaf: “Flying Leaves” brings to life the experience of watching actual leaves float gracefully in the Autumn wind.

While “Kerchiefs” speaks more to the carefree nature of such leaves in their natural habitat.

With the fixture entitled “Bowls,” the lighting trailblazers present contrast and disorder as the overriding elements in what stands as a truly innovative creation. The colors and metallic coatings along with the orientation of the convex shapes helps to show that as far as this piece goes, simplicity can be deceptively complex. To complement this lighting fixture, “Skittles”, the decorative wall sculpture was created.

The inclusion of “Origin” in the collection again nods to Sans Souci’s fascination with contrast. Perhaps one of their more simple offerings, this lighting fixture really gets its powerful presence as a result of the luminescent handblown crystal set against the strength of the black leather.

In a creation named “Lure” it’s all about the dynamics of color and movement. The tiny crystal plates seem almost like actual gold coins floating in a serenely constructed veil. Glittering and sparkling beyond what words can describe, Lure certainly lives up to its name.

Finally, the Sans Souci artists present “Flash.” The combination of shapes here becomes the star, as a radiant amber is the prevailing motif.

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