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The Filomaestro’s carpets – the expression of a new Indoor and Outdoor balance

Filomaestro, the newly born brand of Bibielle Spa previews two of its new carpets on show at the Design Week: Via della Spiga – from its capsule collection – and Flheart – from the Flowers collection. These products are the offspring of high technology and contemporary design and were born from the innovative idea of using the Bibielle Fiber for textiles. From this innovative vision of the artist and designer Caterina Bilabini, the exclusive In&Outdoor carpet collection come to life offering an exclusive visual and tactile experience.  The peculiar working process and the unique characteristics of this thread, ensures a tactile experience generally associated to natural fibre and creates a new aesthetical code: where a dialogue with light surprisingly gives  a three-dimensional perception and a particular carving effect.  

Every Filomaestro carpet is not only a carpet but the blending of 4000 threads woven by the best craftsmen of the Italian tradition which gives form and colour to the Bibielle Fiber. A Fiber whose unique makeup with incredible resilience, flexibility, durability and waterproof standards make it perfect for outdoor use as well.

VIA DELLA SPIGA – designed by Caterina Bilabini

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The capsule collection is a tribute to where the brad showroom is located: Via della Spiga notably blending of the original symbol of the road in the heart of Milan. In this creation the designer wanted to identify and represent the funding essence of the spike, representing this way, the funding essence of the Filomaestro “Inspiring Carpeting” in an allegoric way. The form of a wheat cell seen through a microscope and interpreted in a modern key, comes to life in the centre of the carpet, where its threads are crossing and becomes biometric forms evoking sophisticated laces.  

FLHEART – designed by Caterina Bilabini

Flheart is the crown jewel of the Flowers collection.  On one side its captivating design reminds us of the elegant patterns and colours of a playing card and on the other it evokes hearts on fire. The perfect metaphor of the two faces of love and passion.  These two aspects emphasised by the choice of using black and white create an elegant and sophisticated carpet.  The central form representing a flower gives strength to the idea of Love.  The name Flheart is also recalling textile symphonies reminding us to the collection name, Flowers.

The collection has four assorted styles (Lines) – Design, Minimal, Classic and Flowers – all of them the expression of precious elegance in love with a rigour that express itself through the potency of a unique material: the Bibielle Fiber. A product with no equals where Filomaestro is the undeniable leader.

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