Twist, Borgomanero ( NO Italia ), UNStudio

Twist, Borgomanero ( NO Italia ), UNStudio

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The same enquiring and experimental attitude with which UNStudio approaches architecture is also employed in the designing of products and these can often be expressions of parallel ideas and concepts.  The architectural twist has been a key feature in the design of a number of UNStudio projects of varying scales – from buildings to pavilions – and has now been adapted in the design for the ‘Twist’ door handle. In ‘Twist’ the architectural curve is scaled down and transformed into a tactile framework on the human scale, one that is directly related to the body and to touch.  


‘Twist’ is a simple object with a complex geometry that combines and consolidates dual characteristics. In the anatomy of the handle, the cylinder surrounding the spindle fluidly transforms into the flat plane of the lever, seamlessly altering from tube to surface. The ergonomic silhouette that is created by this gradual transformation effects a dynamic motion frozen in solid material and presents a balance between the modern and the classical.

Comfortable twist

The curving volume on the underside of the handle comfortably accommodates the grip of the thumb and forefinger, while the flat plane of the lever reacts to the bearing pressure from the side of the hand. The ‘Twist’ handle is also set at a 3 degree angle to the door enabling an improved and easy grip. 

fact sheet

  • client: Olivari
  • location: Borgomanero (NO) Italia
  • description: Twist (doorhandle)
  • size: 135 x 60
  • materials:
    • finishes: chrome; biochrome; supernickel, superstainless steel, supergold; polished and satined versions


  • UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with William de Boer, Aneliya Ivanova
  • Olivari: Antonio Olivari