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Usha introduces new Aero Switch remote control for fans

Usha International launches new Aero Switch remote control for fans.

Usha Aero switch – a first of its kind retrofit remote control designed exclusively for ceiling fans addresses the modern consumer’s need for convenience and comfort. Especially making it easier for the elderly and tech enthusiasts, this latest innovation from Usha, allows access to convert any ceiling fan into a remote control fan to control speed. Furthermore, delivering/enriching differentiated guest experience at homes and hotels, the remote is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm and offers fine control of speed up to five levels. Apart from comfort, the remote control boasts with features like tactile buttons for smooth operation, beep free, silent operation and six months’ warranty on receiver. Usha Aero switch can be brought individually to convert any existing fans to a remote controlled fan or else is available along with the  latest range of Usha Fans, pan India at a price of INR 890/- only.

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