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Amit Khanna, Founder & Design Principal, AKDA (Amit Khanna Design Associates)

Amit Khanna is the Founder & Design Principal at AKDA, a design firm that integrates the disciplines of architecture, interior design, furniture, lighting and product design. He graduated from the School of Planning &Architecture, New Delhi in 2002. He heads the design studio at AKDA, combining day-to- day involvement in design with his primary responsibilities for the strategic direction of the practice. Established by Amit Khanna in 2004, the studio philosophy is to make regional specificity and sustainability intrinsic to the design process and product. Every object produced at the studio, be it a 60,000SF office building or a 0.5SF light fixture, undergoes the same scrutiny of process and exactitude; A process that is founded in suitable materiality and innovation, irrespective of appearance. Amit Khanna teaches at his alma mater, the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with diverse responsibilities related to design, research and theoretical exploration. Through his initiatives in education, he engages in research as a tool for design innovation to craft buildings that work with the local environment, both at the school and the studio. He is an acclaimed photographer, writes extensively for both online and offline media.

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