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Anika Mittal, Founding Director, mold design studio

Anika Mittal is an architect and an urban designer with over 10 years of experience across all facets of the design and construction industry in India and the UK. She is the founding Director of mold design studio, a multidisciplinary design practice based out of New Delhi and founding Partner of Amalgam, a design studio that specializes in using the traditional Indian craft of inlay to redefine the contemporary Indian modern aesthetic as a blend of convention and modernity. Leveraging her past experiences gained as project Architect across a multitude of projects ranging from boutique residences to commercial complexes and hospitality to master planning projects; Anika is providing comprehensive solutions across all stages of design and construction through mold design studio. Anika is also a visiting faculty at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. She is a keen photographer, and her design and photographic work has been published in journals in India and abroad.

mold design studio
mold design studio is a multi-disciplinary design practice based out of New Delhi, providing solutions across Architecture, Urban Design, Interiors and Product Design. Driven by the philosophy that any design solution- city,
building, space or product must be sculpted to conform and address all requirements from the specified to the unstated; mold approaches each project as a unique challenge. An in-depth design process coupled with structured involvement of the client and consultants results in optimized dynamic solutions. We strive to consistently deliver high quality standards driven by strong design, rigorous processes and extensive collective dialogue. Current projects at mold include residences and offices across NCR and Kumaon, where mold is providing comprehensive services across all stages of design and construction.

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