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Ar. Manish Dikshit, Aum Architects

Aum Architects is a leading consultant in Interior Design and Architectural services in India and around the world. With our dedicated and passionate team of talented architects and designers, we have spearheaded over 120 projects, for eminent clientele spanning across 10 countries including UAE, Singapore, and Spain; Interior Design being our forte. The crème de la crème of Interior Architects and Commercial Interior Designers across India, are at your service at Aum Architects; spearheaded by Ar. Manish Dikshit. Our diverse portfolio reflects our experience in handling challenging projects, backed by the latest and most advanced technology. Aum Architects is committed to consistently delivering ideas that meet the challenges and demands of the ever evolving needs. Design deliverables are diverse and based on client requirement. We, at Aum believe in giving design – excellence, service efficiency, responsiveness and a strong commitment towards each and every project no matter what scale it is. We believe in optimizing limited resources to design buildings and Interiors that are functional. We recognise the value of information technology by amalgamating the latest digital technologies available with other relevant software and hardware tools in order to meet the challenges and demands of the Design industry in the current environment.

From designing kindergartens to townships, Ar. Manish Dikshit, a gold medallist in architecture has created award winning designs. He has imparted knowledge from his experiences at world architectural events, lectures in top design schools etc.His diverse designs have added value to architecture and interior design. He has a keen eye for detail and that is seen in his designs. His ingenious approach for every project ensures optimum usability of space and also making it aesthetically functional.

Fuelled by unbound creativity and cutting-edge technology, our Architectural, Civil and Interior Design Services are spearheaded to exceed the expectations of all those in need of an innovation, reliability and experience of a lifetime. Time and again, we have proved our mettle as the finest team of architects in Mumbai, by displaying an outstanding track-record of design-excellence, coupled with service efficiency, responsiveness and a strong commitment towards project deadlines as well as budgetary constraints. We welcome you to the realm of Aum Architects.

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