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LI Xing-Lin & HE Xiao-Ping, C.DD

C(Chi) — a ruler measures the beauty in our heart

D(Dao) — a kind of philosophy of understanding design

Mr LI Xing-Lin and Miss HE Xiao-Ping co-founded C.DD in 2009. It always adheres to the concept of “Design is not only a kind of production service, but also a way of thinking and an attitude towards life”.  The team develops multi-disciplinary services, including architecture design, space design, engineering construction, art of display and brand vision design services. The opinion “to build the theater of the mind and to realize our shared dream; to focus on providing top quality design and service to create the greatest value for clients; to research and explore interesting, meaningful and valuable design” is regarded as the core of development of the company. And this opinion penetrates throughout its creation, production, operation and service.

Founders / Chief Designers

LI Xing-Lin – Love to summarize different kinds of fun in life, attempt to break the stereotype and to seek for innovation possibilities from different angles through comprehensive use of rational and perceptual thinking in order to bring people different experience of design.

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