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Lakshmi Chand Singh, Home by Design

Founded by Rahoul Bir Singh and Lakshmi Chand Singh, Home by Design, is a design firm known for sculpting bespoke, houses. As the demand for the company’s unique designs grew, so did our team, breadth of services, and most importantly, our ongoing devotion to creating beautiful, timeless custom home designs.

With an eye for detail and a brain for construction, today, Home by Designs has an experience of over 20 years in custom home and renovation designs. We’ve grown to a collaborative, diverse and an agile team of people who share a deep respect for each other and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service.

Our team, under the expert guidance of Rahoul Bir Singh, Lakshmi Chand Singh, Ashim Bhattacharya, and Preeti Bhattacharya is future–oriented and can see a space for what it will become even in the early stages of development. As a result, we deliver excellence both in design and services and the end product is always a beautiful home that exceeds expectations and builds a lasting, reliable relationship with our clients.

Where Functionality Meets Visual Balance

Our Founders – Lakshmi and Rahoul, who are partners in the studio RLDA – an architectural consultancy firm based out of New Delhi, firmly believethat both function and visual balance go hand in hand while conceptualising a space. This belief is the reason our clients continue to trust us with their most important and valuable possession: their home. Furthering their cause of promoting cross pollination of ideas among members of various design fields, Lakshmi also established and runs a multi-disciplinary platform Design x Design.

We believe that great design is only created through the informed, practical use of space – the way each room and every detail flows beautifully together. Though the design is of utmost importance, the process also matters, because when done right, the result is always a cozy home that feels one with the property and the neighbourhood around it.

However, a house is only truly made a home by the people who enjoy it every day. That’s why our clients matter more. We are aware that one can get caught up in the chaos generated by designers and contractors, turning the entire procedure into a nightmare. We understand the hassle associated with time and the budget over runs and therefore each design starts by understanding our client: their style, interests, values, desires, lifestyle, and their dreams. At the end of the each detailed process is a custom home where every nook and corner, is a unique reflection of our clients and their family, where all interiors are created with precision and care.

We remove the risk of building a home while making it fun and we love what we do. We really believe that the quality of our environment affects the quality of our lives. We have the experience. We have the design sensibilities. We have the passion. And we do it because there is nothing else that gives us more joy – the challenge of translating your dreams into your home.

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