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Malini Doshi, Founding Partner; Saransh

Malini Doshi, Founding Partner at Saransh believes that being a product of CEPT University, changes one’s way of looking at life as a whole. It makes one idealistic to everything in life and towards architecture as well. Her thoughts towards design of buildings, since her student days were oriented towards the user. Her undergrad research thesis was also on Users Behavioural Response to Spaces in Buildings. She believes that the client & the end user are supreme. Her designs evolve from their requirements. For her the land speaks, the Vastu Shastra guides & the list of requirements has to be delivered with her aesthetic abilities, which have been moulded by her education & the specific place she has studied in, the various offices she has worked in, the various cities & its people, that she worked in & years of travelling to various countries, which always has been a big influence –just observing diversity of form & function.

Of course, her life has taken its course as a woman architect – working from full time to part time (to take care of home & child) to being almost full time involved in the activities of a Spiritual Organisation. A big part of her architectural career has been designing camps in the Kumbh Melas since 2004 ( totally 5 camps till 2017).

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