Sandesh Dhanraj, CEO & Founder, Noah Interiors

Sandesh Dhanraj, CEO & Founder, Noah Interiors

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Sandesh Dhanraj is the founder and CEO of Noah Interiors. Armed with a diploma in interiors he dabbled with construction industry and interiors before settling on residential interiors as his forte. He also worked for a couple of years in various firms understanding and learning the nuances of the business. A self-taught entrepreneur he understands what it takes to run a business and the need to have a healthy balance between client and team management. Sandesh has ensured that this learning never stops. The self-motivator constantly pushes his own limits and pushes himself to learn more and implements that in his venture.

The 26 year old runs a team of 50+ professionals and together they have already completed 450 projects. His understanding of market dynamics and current trends merged with industry knowledge ensures that client expectations are realistically set and successfully met. His positivity and enthusiasm for work is infectious. He was born and brought up in Bangalore and in his spare time likes to read motivational books.

Noah Interiors

Noah Interiors is a Bangalore based Interior Designing & Execution company. Established in 2011, Noah interiors is a one stop shop for creating holistically designed living spaces delivered within promised time, with hassle free execution & support and within a budget. Starting from the design, right through to the delivery they make, they ensure every detail and every material reflects the commitment to their quality, design and affordability. They specialise in end to end residential interior solutions. In the last seven years, they have completed over 450 projects that has earned them accolades from clients making them a name to reckon with in the industry. Their focus area includes fixed and loose furniture, flooring, ceiling, wall and window treatment along with lighting.

The team of professional experts believe in quality and commitment. Interior designing is not just about beautiful designs and quality material, they believe that a beautiful décor should be supported with practical & easy to use product design. Their experience and extensive local market knowledge would be an advantage for turnkey contracting as it streamlines project delivery, through a single window with focus on quality, time and cost. The processes adopted in achieving the former are time tested, enabling them to meet client requirements and present the space back to them with the best of additions and ideas to enhance the feel of a home in a realistic time frame.  As the team puts it, “they make designs talk”.