Saransh is an architectural partnership firm, based in Ahmedabad, India, operating in the fields of architecture, planning and interior design. Saransh is the Hindi word for ‘gist’ or ‘summary’; At Saransh, we believe that good design is mostly generated from strong concepts and ideas which evolve as a response to various factors. Manifestation of the summation of these ideas is what drives design, across diverse typologies at Saransh.

The two founding partners Manish and Malini Doshi, are both architects, who graduated from CEPT University.With the recent addition of Malay Doshi as a partner to the firm, the exploration of form and material has become the focus of certain projects. Also, a fresh graduate from CEPT University, Malay brings in a sense of evolving global trends, a focus on sustainability and discussions around the contextual impact of projects.

Established in 1994, Saransh is currently involved in a large number of projects in the Gujarat and Maharashtra region. A firm believer in the multidisciplinary approach, Saransh involves people from all around, to ensure holistic expertise. The studio works across diverse scales; from mass housing and the notion of space through repetition, to a pavilion developed through parametric design and robotics, and a bespoke house where the sole focus is on how to resolve a junction between wood and stone.

Design Philosophy

Saransh’s design approach revolves around the need for inclusivity in the contemporary age.Our design approach has two layers to it: first, understanding the requirements of the clients and coming up with a detailed brief, and second, heading into conceptualising, designing and detailing based on those requirements. This approach allows a great amount of variation in our design and helps create different identities for similar project types.

At Saransh, we believe that Indian mass architecture could take a turn towards the better by giving that extra thought to the anthropometrics of each individual of this enormous country. Each project that addresses the mass adheres to this ideology of providing sufficient freedom to an individual to mould their lives around, even in the smallest of possible budgets. It isn’t always about what is the most iconic, but rather what is the most comfortable in India’s rapidly growing cities. This freedom includes uninterrupted space and ample light which the user can then occupy as per their individual need. Whereas, while zooming in to a smaller scale, the utmost attention is given to detail. The beauty lies in how one material touches another and if done correctly at that minute scale, we believe the entire project, regardless of its size, will turn out well.

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