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Based in Bangalore and Belgaum, thirdspace is envisaged as a network of professionals working on architectural/ urban projects. The practice is a loosely defined organisation which is always open to cross-pollination from various synergetic sources. The name thirdspace is in a way a refusal to be defined with only a single approach or individual. It is also a refusal to be slotted in easily identified categories such as ‘corporate architects’, ‘interiors guys’, ‘developing world architects’ etc. thirdspace infact, is not the name of the office, but the name that we give to the complex space of urban India in which we have chosen to work. a space that is simultaneously pre-modern, modern and post modern, simultaneously industrial and late capitalist… The complex environment, which defies any easy classification is the thirdspace in which we operate. Our projects themselves blur traditionally accepted boundaries, looking at urban issues in interior projects and architectural issues within urban proposals. The diversity of our work also lets us experiment with similar generative techniques across a range of scales, budget and programs.

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