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Ayoki Fabricon Pvt Ltd, Koregaon Park, Pune

‘Proximity to the boardrooms, the conceptualization of  Ayoki Fabricon essentially is formal, adding the aesthetic splendor and significance from the global presence. The cabin in each corner is a venerable neighbor incited the use of sunlight as continuity to the language of the design. The corporate culture of Ayoki is being conservative yet relevant was the thread that tied all the other ideas together to result in a design possessing a harmonious medley of class and comfort. It was the acknowledgment of this culture which led to an understated straight-line design with the pinnacle offering the glamour quotient’, says the architects Sanctum Design, formerly known as Rashmi Maiskar and Associates

Ayoki Fabricon Pvt Ltd, Koregaon Park, Pune by Sanctum Design is an uber quaternion, a 10,000-sq.ft corporate tower constructed on a lush green plot located majestically on the upmarket Koregaon Park  in Pune. With a grandeur middle entrance, the building looks symmetric and the adorning zoomber makes it riveting.

The project comprises an eclectic mix of carefully crafted luxury dwellings interlaced with spaces of office chatter; coffee & client meeting cocooned in comfortableness. The floor structure has been designed as an interactive space – a domain reserved exclusively for conference, late night meetings and brainstorming session. The layout consists of traditional furniture overlooking the huge corner glasses on one side and surrounded by manicured landscaped spaces on the other. The project is eclectically designed as a fusion of efficiency and congenial, and it is a space which echoes the needs of imminent and upcoming employee of the month.

Situated at the end of the lane, the site is encircling with lush green walls and a water body aspect to make it intractably detailed. A formal drop-off is accentuated through Italian marble floor and veneer paneling through which one enters into an elaborately detailed departments and also subtly channelizes the flow of people into workstations. Each floor has some variation in numbers, which is managed to design in best way, keeping proper circulation spaces which created few nitsch points which looked like design elements and our signature point. The office is designed as per vastu.

The royally crafted and selected wallpaper added sparkle & vigor in the design which created an aesthetic look. Each floor has different wallpapers, which breaks the monotony of the property. Each floor has lot of windows. The layout is intellectually outlined on each floor in such a way that privacy is maintained and still has an open look. The managers space of each department has been designed keeping in mind practicality & functionality for an Indian Corporate.


The centralized AC, fire-fighting system, PA system and BMS system is integrated with electrical, network, telephone and other technical detailing. Server room, UPS, Generator etc, all the facilities were meticulously planned and executed.

fact file

  • project: Ayoki Fabricon Pvt Ltd
  • location: Koregaon Park, Pune
  • architect firm: Sanctum Design
  • architect-in-charge: Ar. Rashmi Parulkar
  • design team: Abhishree, Yashwanti Shinde, Nawaz, Prakash Jadhav
  • client: Mr Ganesh and Mr Sanooj
  • area: 10,000-sq.ft
  • manufacturers: Rachana Designers
  • electrical contractors: Bhagirath Enterprises
  • networking contractor – Triangular Automations Pvt Ltd
  • HVAC contractors: Safeair Engineers Pvt Ltd
  • plumbing contractors: Rachana Designers
  • interior contractors: Rachana Designers
  • facade execution: Sameer Dave (Builder Scope)
  • structural consultant: Builder scope
  • mechanical/electrical/landscape/plumbing
  • consultants: Consolidated Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd
  • PMC consultants: Sanctum Designs
  • date of completion: 2014
  • photographs: Taher Hussain

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