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Cygnus World School, Vadodara, Gujarat; Ar. Prem Nath, Prem Nath & Associates

Cygnus World School at Vadodara for Jan-Priya Trust, Delhi is our country’s 1st PLATINUM rated, green building, conceptualized by Ar. Prem Nath of Prem Nath & Associates, having more than 1.8 lakh square feet of school complex spread over 5 acres of land; The school has been planned to cater to all modern requirements of education; Yet the overall aesthetics of the school structures shall project a ‘Contemporary’ architectural feel – giving it a elegant campus look.

The client’s initial brief was simple and clear – to develop a Campus Architecture of International Standards with most sustainable and eco-friendly features; it was clear from the onset of the project that it aspires to be IGBC’s Platinum certified.Challenges were more so to do with achieving the Best – since the clients themselves were very keen on achieving the highest ranking in IGBC Green Rating – it was quite a challenge, yet a fruitful one, to ensure the development lives up to the expectations at all stages


  • Planning concept for the project has been kept simple and practical; the campus has been mainly planned with Two Zones- Education Zone & Sports Zone.
  • The site surroundings shall be laid with a lot of Green-Scapes;
  • Campus common areas along with driveways & walkwaysshall be laid with paver tiles/blocks;
  • Each room is designed in module of 8M x 8M – providing a standard size requirement of a class room for 30-35 children and a flexibility to multiply or divide the module for larger halls for laboratory or a toilet block, etc. respectively;
  • Staircases, toilet facilities, etc. have been provided as per the required norms & mandates;
  • Facilities such as; Medical department including Distilled and RO water system have been provided keeping in mind the health of the students as well as the faculties.
  • Incorporation of landscapes & sports facilities; Widely spaced academic blocks list out Pre-Primary, Primary, & Secondary, it also consists of Administrative, Canteens, amphi theatre & Multi Purpose Hall;
  • There are Sports & Recreation Facilities include Skating Rink, Basket Ball, Tennis, Race Track, Football Field & Indoor Sports like Badminton, Table Tennis.
  • Hi-Tech research areas such as, computer labs, digital libraries, & hobby room has also been added to make studies more interesting & modernized.
  • The Laboratory shall be fully equipped for its specific working, viz. Physics, Bio., Chem., Math, Additional Lab, etc.;
  • The space for Labs have been planned large enough to facilitate a proactive learning;
  • Library shall be a Resource Centre – the design / detail shall enable right storage and indexing facilities for Book, CDs, Charts, Magazines, and any other study material;
  • AV Lecture Theater shall be large enough with a capacity of more than 120 students, this hall shall be very well equipped with AV systems;
  • Staff Lounge & Teacher’s Resource Centre too shall be well equipped with required infrastructure, comfortable seating and preparation area, information search;
  • Multipurpose hall shall be utilized at various levels and for various activities, being large & double ht. space;
  • The building shall follow all required Fire Fighting norms;
  • Architecturally the structures have been planned with the glazing on the north side and shaded areas on the south – keeping the class rooms naturally ventilated – yet thermally insulated;
  • The building is user friendly, well planned and well ventilated, here each classroom have a different unique identity and color schemes, to make it interesting to sit and study.
  • The class rooms are not traditional, usual, serious and boring. Infect beauty of each room is enhanced with the help of graffiti, good color schemes and highlighters.
  • The exterior façade of the building has been given a permanent finish with brick tile cladding with polymer base, and flooring in paver tiles.
  • Materials like high class flooring vitrified non skid tiles etc are used in the interior premises of the building.
  • Good lighting has been used in the exterior and interior areas of the building keeping in mind the ambience and décor, not just good lighting but also good fixtures have been considered for better look & appearance.
  • We have used furniture’s keeping in mind the availability, durability, & comfort of the students and the faculty.
  • One of the major concerns is the sanitary ware i.e. urinals, WC, & washbasins etc.; have designed by us keeping the users in mind.
  • All the furniture’s are very well designed, and those furniture’s are ergonomic and child centric


  • The systems are planned with Green building concepts in mind – highlighting eco-friendly nature of running systems;
  • The Campus has been planned for green environment with the relevant green features for conservation of water, resource of energy, water harvesting system, water recycling system, healthy environment, landscape and utilization of green building materials, STP, Drip Irrigation, Power Saving, Rain Water Harvesting, Cross Ventilation, and so on;.
  • Each school blocks are North-South oriented and multiple internal courtyards have been planned to enable building to breath from within;
  • All Class Rooms & Library are spaciously planned in a manner, wherein each of it receives North Light thru the windows, while the South side is planned with deep Verandahs / corridors– which not only cut the glare, but also mitigating the heat effect of the Vadodara weather;
  • Every class room is planned with Ventilators above Windows and Doors– keeping the internal area well ventilated and cooler than outside ambient temperatures;
  • Class room is placed in a way to Advantage with Maximum North Light; while provided with large windows facing North and two entrance doors on Southside passage;
  • To all to the above, vermiculite plasterfrom inside and tile cladding from outside add to the heat insulation of Fly Ash Brick Walls;
  • Terrace Tops have been laid with heat insulating layer & then are fixed with White Glazed Tiles – reflecting back all the heat;
  • Each class room have been planned with landscaped spaced just outside the north windows and landscaped courtyards on the southern side – thereby making sure that the students and teachers breath cleaner and more oxidized air;
  • Other construction elements also include use of Low VOC Materials, viz. Paints & Sealants; use of recycled materials, use of Bagaase (Sugarcane stalks’ remains) Boards for manufacturing of furniture, and so on;


  • Fly Ash Bricks for Masonry and Vermiculite Plaster for Internal Plaster – adding value to heat insulation;
  • Ceramic reflective Tiles cladding to external surface & Glazed tiles on terrace tops – adding value to heat insulation;
  • Low VOC Paints & Sealants keeping the environment healthy;
  • Natural Stones pebbles, marble, granite, etc. for various landscape features;
  • Large Landscaped spaces, incl. wide courtyards and central green zone between blocks – adding further value a large patch of Green/Lawns which is itself approx. 20% of total land area – adding to a lot of healthy inhibition of internal spaces;
  • Rain Water Harvesting & Sewage Treatment Plants enabling use of more than 75% water for flushing and landscaping;
  • Solar Panels of approx. 7.5% (60KW) of the total electricity consumption – enabling substantial power saving and backup;


  • Apart from the basic techniques used in planning which itself enables the project to be eco-friendly and sustainable, various energy efficiency techniques have been implemented;
  • Most Importantly by virtue of planning of the school blocks – Air-conditioning is Not required for any class rooms, labs, library and other student areas – this itself is a major power (energy) saving feature saving more than 35%of the electric load;
  • Solar Panels (60 KW) add to the power saving by about 7% to 8%;
  • Installation of Energy Friendly Lamps, viz. T5 Tubes, CFLs and LED Lamps – has enabled power saving upto 20%than the routine usage;
  • Water Saving Faucets and sensor controlled urinals too have enables a lot of water saving;
  • Use of FRLS Cables and compact / dry type Transformers too enable a lot of energy efficiency;
  • Waterby virtue of STP & Rain Water Harvesting, topped with water saving features enables a daily saving of 75% to 80%;
  • Electricityis one of the most important factors – saving by vitue of planning a Non-Air-conditioned building itself add to 35%+further other energy efficient features add to 15% to 20% of saving;
  • Installation of Energy Friendly Lamps, viz. T5 Tubes, CFLs and LED Lamps – has enabled power saving upto 20% than the routine usage
  • All school blocks surrounded by grassed landscapes with short shrubs close to the fenestrations has enables purified & oxidized air within the rooms enabling better IEQ – in-fact the project has scored full points in IEQ section;


  • This is an IGBC’s Pilot project having awarded LEED Platinum Rating for Green Schools – First ever rating awarded to a school project in India; – and has scored 86% which is quite high – there are no immediate plans to add any further feature – however the school management keeps working towards Green Education and plans various awareness programs;
  • A lot of extra effort has gone in to ensure the aspiration of a Platinum is achieved – starting from basic Planning to implementation, and ensuring certification documentation, ‘No Stone Was Left Unturned’;
  • The Green Building movement in India is here to stay–along with the sustainable movement globally, India is doing quite a bit in its own way – with Government too promoting and pushing sustainable developments this movement has a great future – our firm itself is currently involved in various green projects of large scale and strives to be converting each project into a green one;

The final & lasting impression of this School shall be of a Contemporary Indian School, Technologically Well Equipped, and drawing from the Best Architectural Practices from Around The World.

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