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GE Healthcare Offices, Haifa, Israel; Setter Architects

Setter Architects designed the new offices of GE Healthcare, located in Haifa, Israel.

GE Healthcare engages in research and development of medical imaging via MRI/CT. The architects launched their design process by analysing what the company does and seeing how they could reflect it in architectural terms. The overarching aspiration was to celebrate GE Healthcare’s uniqueness, and to identify the point where architectonic design could encounter and merge with elements of medical imaging. 

The design process began with a search into deep layers to make discoveries.  Interfaces between the elements were created and projected into the wider setting of the company’s workplace, to build interest within the space. The partitions separating the work-stations from the shared space let the eyes roam inwards, yet still allow a degree of privacy. Within the space, the layers form unusual perspectives. In the lobby, (for example), the viewer’s gaze towards the cafeteria and the green wall passes through latticed metal elements on both sides of the steps.Changing elements of wood build a 3-D picture, like the benches that “grow” out of the various segments and textures, revealing the work-spaces as if exploring the body’s inner organs. Illuminated elements are etched into material, evoking the computerised images obtained by radiation from several angles. Natural materials and a palette of soft colours were used to showcase the rich textures, in a dialogue with MRI and CT images on a smaller scale.

The design was inspired by GE’s cutting-edge technology, with its options for seeing the human body’s tissues and layers from the outside. And that foregrounding of technological advances combined with the simplicity is what makes GE Healthcare’s offices so distinctive.

fact sheet

  • project & client: GE Healthcare
  • location: Haifa, Israel
  • design: Setter Architects
  • design team: Bella Ventura (Head Designer), Eleanor Hashalom Rondelle, Oren Chiprout, Sian Kapan
  • project manager:  Bendel-Idan Baranes, Ran
  • contractor: A. Weiss-Dvir Ohayon
  • size: 45,208 sqft
  • date of completion: 2017
  • photography: Uzi Porat

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