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Gobble and Go, Hubli, Karnataka; Kabbur Architects

The design team (Ar Spoorti Kabbur Pawar, Ar Suhas Kabbur, Ar Priya T, Amrut Pawar) at Kabbur Architects facilitated the choice for the restaurant Gobble and Go near the Pune-Bangalore highway, a busy and happening place. The project requirement was innovative, cost effective and a fast-track solution. The shipping containers were easily available, recyclable, reusable & portable. The zoning was strategically worked out to be the built form.

The two shipping containers are strategically juxtaposed one above the other giving it a dramatic setup.The vibrant green container on the upper level starkly stands out amongst the other black and white walls. Slightly skewed in line with the road is the parking. The entry level is raised from the ground floor giving it an elated feeling. The walls facing the road are all glass, beckoning each passerby to experience the foodtainer with freshness, vibrancy, great energy, warmth and great food. The transparency invites the outside, inside the restaurant.

Abutting the roadside as one enters is the quick service restaurant; adjoining this on either sides are the fine dining and the kitchen. On the upper floor with a direct entry from the road is the café. To add warmth to the metallic setting, variety of materials are used. The main door is a strapped scrap pine wood design, making it a warm welcoming sign. Scrapped packaging wood, scrap glass & vibrant color cushions are used to make the furniture. Plants are used even within the furniture and they add freshness to the interiors. The fine diner has an abstract ceiling with bamboo and rope.  Scrap jute fabric used for packaging food grains is used to make the ceiling of the café. Café as a mural put up on the wall can be seen from the road. It is an abstract silhouette of the iconic buildings in Hubli city, indicating the emergence of GNG in it.


GOBBLE N GO-Evolution of form

fact sheet

  • location:  Hubli, Karnataka
  • architects: Kabbur Architects
  • design team: Ar Spoorti Kabbur Pawar, Ar Suhas Kabbur, Ar Priya T, Amrut Pawar
  • date of completion – 2016 December
  • photographs: Kabbur Architects

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