‘Grazers – A new approach to cafe design’, Aadyam design studio

‘Grazers – A new approach to cafe design’, Aadyam design studio

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Grazers Resto-Cafe, 3rd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore; design Ar.Nagaraja G.P & Ar.Bhavyashree TJ, Aadyam Design, Bangalore


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photographs: Aadyam design studio

Graze – As the word suggests, to eat in an open space. 

This commercial property sure lives up to its name with an Architectural style as unique as the experience of openness it offers to its diners!  The style is simple but unique; in that it provides its diners a way to engage with the ambiance – that is an ‘experience’ in the city. The corner building – literal English translation of the ‘Moole Building‘ – (that is how it was addressed in the client’s family)  was a tiny, old, dilapidated building in a corner of the street. That small corner space, now housing – Grazers, a Resto-Cafe, was transformed into a cornerstone of design by Ar.Nagaraja.GP & Ar.Bhavyashree.TJ of Aadyam Design Studio.

Grazers sit on a corner tight plot of size 20’ x 30’.  The ground floor is glass enclosure, whereas the first & the third floor are open to air with wind kissing the pine wood ribs. The second floor consist the back of the house like the kitchen and the dishwashing area. Adding to the cafe’s architecture is a huge tree that offers not just its benevolent shade from the hot sun but also a soothing sight from the cafe for anyone seeking relief from the concrete jungle out there. The tree’s branches and their movement with the breeze seemingly mimicked in the way the wooden facade appears giving the illusion of motion of waves with rhythmic valleys and troughs. Adding to this, the plane variation in vertical, these wooden ribs also help to break the scale of building.

The eco friendly materials used (reused) in the interiors of the building as well as in the wooden rib facade on the outside, have all aided in bringing to fruition, this rustic, little architectural marvel.

The cafe lives it up by offering different interior designs in line with its fusion cuisine while on the outside, the facade of the cafe gives the impression of motion and fluidity and the wooden walls on the ground floor add to its rustic appearance and appeal to one’s innate want for a relaxing environment.

The interior of ground floor is enclosed air conditioned space with high counter and evening chairs and coffee tables; the rustic style on the outside finds its way here as well. The space is painted mostly in muted tones that gels well with the vitrified flooring that are easy on the eyes and create soothing sense of being isolated from the sights and sounds on the outside. The sleeper log woods hanging from the ceilings have a story of their own, the sight of wood aloft on the ceiling catches the attention as it gets a second life as a fixture for the lighting and adds to the ambience by its bulky presence and yet being non intrusive. Not to mention that the Edison LED bulbs that hang through these logs – wires of which are wound using the ropes made of coir, light fixture made up from used pulley  – add to the un-sophisticated, yet innovative, ambience of the Resto-Cafe

Climbing up to the open dining area in the first floor, we are treated to the crown jewel that is the brain child of the designer. The dining space has a sense of openness and its ingenious use of ambient natural light creates a nostalgic feeling of a by-gone era when Bangalore was truly a city of gardens! The walls are totally done away with on two sides of the cafe space and the sense of openness is actuated by the cleaver use of steel sandwiched between pine wood frames that gently angle in and out creating a sort of wave pattern that seem to be in harmony with the  tree’s branches. This design tends to eliminate the sense of walls, at the same time offers a different perspective of the world outside while the diners can also experience the play of the ambient light as the day progresses. This is the floor where the presence of the old huge tree is most conspicuous as it provides a cool shade and also offers a sense of privacy while you enjoy the food in the restaurant.

The partition is a physical barrier made up of wooden boxes of different size and thickness. The chain link fencing used as stairs railing also follow the same language giving sense of openness

The furniture further adds to the air of nostalgia as it is custom made to follow the language of the building’s facade with metallic edges consciously following the pattern of the inclined wooden ribs, topped with pine wood and is aptly paired with a menu that’s tied to wooden planks and a contrasting bright red ‘Chai Ketli’ or a tea kettle that is used here to pour water from.

Fact file

  • project: Grazers Resto-Cafe
  • location: 3rd Block Jayanagar, Bangalore
  • client: Mahesh Raju
  • design team: Architecture + Interiors: Ar.Nagaraja G.P & Ar.Bhavyashree TJ
  • dt of commencement: Nov 2016
  • dt of completion: June 2017
  • site size: 20’ x 30’                
  • interiors:  Approx 10 lakhs