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Landmark Vertica, Chennai; Kembhavi Architecture Foundation

“Landmark vertica” is an uber luxury residential tower located majestically on the upmarket peters road in Chennai.

The project comprises an eclectic mix of carefully crafted luxury dwellings interlaced with spaces of recreation, interaction & entertainment cocooned in luxury. The 16th floor of this structure has been designed as an interactive space – a domain reserved exclusively for socializing and recreation. The layout consists of an infinity pool overlooking the sea on one side and surrounded by manicured landscaped spaces on the other, the two ends of which are flanked by an entertainment zone housing banquet halls, a spa, a gym, a home theatre area and so much more.  The project is eclectically designed as a fusion of efficiency and luxury, and it is a space which echoes the needs of imminent and upcoming entrepreneurs.

Planning Ideology

Located on a bustling and lively street just off the famous Gemini flyover, it is surrounded on three sides by busy commercial establishments. The building was designed carefully by leaving setbacks of 13-m on all sides. The three sides of the site were protected by high walls which are intractably detailed via employing vertical gardens and intricate landscape details. A formal drop-off is accentuated through two beautiful large sculptural forms through which one enters into an elaborately detailed and landscaped podium which acts as a sphere of scene relief and also subtly channelizes the flow of people to two lobbies, forming the two wings of Vertica. This area also doubles as a plaza fostering bonhomie and interactions. The two individual stories of Vertica comprise of 3 flats forming each core, served by 3 elevators and 2 staircases each, and leading to a grand lobby before the area dives into the apartments. Each apartment is designed keeping in mind comfort, practicality, functionality, and luxury for an Indian family. All homes are intended to provide privacy while also enabling access to stunning views.

Concept Inspiration

Proximity to the sea inspired the conceptualization of Landmark Vertica essentially as lighthouses, adding aesthetic splendour and significance from the sea. The thousand-light mosque as a venerable neighbour incited the use of light as a continuity to the language of the design.  The culture of Chennai being conservative yet relevant was the thread that tied all the other ideas together to result in a design possessing a harmonious medley of class and comfort. It was the acknowledgment of this culture which led to an understated straight-line design with the pinnacle offering the glamour quotient. It is an apt and witty representation of the quintessential Tamilian dressed in simplicity, while the crowning peak represents the phenomenal genius.



The façade of the building is designed distinctively to stand out as an edifice in Central Chennai. Formal & simple in aesthetics defined by warm woody hues and horizontal bands at its lower levels capped glamorously with four strong geometric patterns throwing beautiful light patterns from carefully embedded LED strips, the edifice brighter up the neighbourhood.

fact file 

  • project: Landmark Vertica
  • client: Landmark Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  • location: Chennai
  • architect: Kembhavi Architecture Foundation
  • project team: Ar. Indrajit Kembhavi, Ar. Nita Kembhavi, Ar. Sridevi, Ar. Minaxi, Ar. Hena, Ar. Arun, Sridhar Nakhare (A.G.M Engineering)
  • landscape designers: NC Design & Architecture
  • structural consultants: Sigma Consultants
  • Mep consultant: e Matrix
  • HVAC consultant: e Matrix
  • plumbing consultant: e Matrix
  • site area: 4,740-sq.m
  • built-up area: 20,248-sq.m
  • date of completion: 2013
  • cost: 54 Cr
  • photographs: Sanjay Ramachandran

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