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Sunrise Garden Restaurant, Bangalore, Karnataka; M9 Design Studio

Sunrise Garden Restaurant designed by M9 Design Studio is located in the industrial suburb of Bangalore. The project was conceived using affordable materials and parts of an existing building to keep project costs down.  A cozy environment was created for this family-owned business. To achieve this, simple, muted materials such as wood and concrete, and added plenty of vegetation are chosen.

The restaurant comprises of an open-plan dining area with a garden extension featuring raw materials and an assortment of plants. It accommodates indoor and outdoor dining for lunch and dinner. Tables and chairs are arranged around a small court filled with plants, which is positioned next to a staircase. The stairs ascend to upper floor providing additional seating that overlooks the court. The upper floor of the cafe provides a view of the sky and is partly covered by mushroom like umbrella structures to protect from direct sunlight. On this level, guests can also choose to sit outside on a covered terrace lined with bamboo-filled planters or the indoor dining area.

Inside, the walls are covered in custom made aluminum paneling to add texture with material palette of grey paint, wood and patterned tiles creates a neutral backdrop for the variety of greenery. To compensate for the lack of natural light towards the back of the space, a grid of LED lights across the ceiling was added. Most of the furniture is custom designed and handmade at site by local carpenters, except the chairs.  The building is separated from the pavement outside by a low concrete wall. Planters built into the walls create a more welcoming entrance that synchronizes with the verdant interior.

fact sheet

  • project: Sunrise Garden Restaurant
  • location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • architects: M9 Design Studio
  • lead architects: Nischal Abhaykumar and Jesal Pathak
  • team: Stuti M Mohapatra, Pavan MG
  • manufacturers: Jindal Steel, Ultratech
  • client: Parmesh Gowda
  • area: 730-sq.m
  • year of completion: 2018
  • photographs: Shamanth Patil Photography


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