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The Brick House, Kollamkode, Kanyakumari District; Dymaxion Architects

“We are a small group of designers working from Mumbai, India. Our philosophy is ‘use of resources to maximum advantage with minimal use of energy and material for design and environment’. The design philosophy for The Brick House, Kollamkode, Kanyakumari District embraces our relationship with earth and light. It is born out of intuition”, says Ar. Rohit Deshpande and Ar. Mugdha Deshpande of Dymaxion Architects.

The spaces are designed for the house taking into account our Indian culture of celebration and congregation. The house could accommodate the need and scale of festivals and harness the culture.

The Site

The site is located in Kollamkode of Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu. The latitude is 8.288 and longitude is 77.110. The site sits on a flat land off the Marthandanthurai beach, surrounded by heavy vegetation of coconut and betel nut trees. The neighborhood consists of small houses in similar scenario.


The massing is derived out of site circumstances. It’s a simple form of cuboid which sits a little off-center on a rectangular site. The mass is treated with the addition and elimination of solids and voids. These solids are added to meet the functional demand such as parking spaces and balconies etc. The voids are predominantly to harness the sunlight. The internal spaces are integrated by double height living area, passage overlooking courtyard etc. The personal spaces like master bedroom and guest room are placed on the rear side of the cuboid for privacy and double height living room family room are placed at the side abutting the road for  accessibility and elemental façade of the house. The living room has a double height courtyard on one side, which has abundant light. Another side opens onto the verandah with the whole view of the site with coconut trees. Third side has an opening near the road frontage. The staircase which goes to the first floor is designed as an element in itself. It sits between the brick Jali and a Wall adjoining the courtyard.


The walling appears like a course mesh fabric seamlessly round the building volume. It is interrupted solely by precisely located punctures of fenestration.  The brickwork is vital element of design. It had lost its former prestige for a long time and had shadowed by concrete in contemporary world. Today, the property of brickwork is being rediscovered. The bricks are very easy to handle. With their slight irregularities and varying colors they conjure a sense of liveliness. Perforated skin referred as brick jali, creates an animated façade, changing its appearance between solidity and translucence depending on the incident and presentation of light. At night, the building radiates the light outward giving a sculptural quality to it.





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