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Totemhouse, Kolkata; Spaces and Design

Totem – a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and adopted by it as an emblem. “The significance of Totem in worship comes from our roots and we applied this as evolution of the detailing in developing bespoke forms in each and every area of this apartment. Besides this, the connection of the totem forms and Mediterranean European ways of decorating homes developed during the process and thus was born the – Totem House”, says Ar. Pooja Bihani, Spaces and Design

The entrance is an illusion of a European street leading to an unknown faraway destination. The stunning colosseum inspired console by FratelliBoffi only added value to this passage of entering and creating the mood into the Totemhouse! And there’s no door bell. Only a piano switch! The entrance hall is a fairly large vacant space, a sheer luxury in the metros. We managed this inspite of designing for a family of 7 people! Here The Botero chandeliers by Maseiro are unique to the concept too . The cornices and wall finishes are innovative as the doors are meticulously camouflaged with slim tile applications that conceals them seamlessly into the wall finishes. The “Corinthian” inspired column heads and carvings are a direct adaptation of the Mediterranean forms and highlighted as totems in this area again.

The living area carries forward the same look with marble finish sliding doors ; one of its kind again! A green wallpaper comes in as a relief on both walls. The den and family room is made of raw logs of wood placed as tv ledges and bed platform. A swing is a perfect way to relax while watching your favourite show here. Rattan finish on walls and cornices help in continuing the theme.

The kids room was developed for twin boys while the third one was on its way. Pottery barn colours are always timeless in a boy’s room we feel. The father and sons being car freaks have automobile forms throughout this room that elaborates the boy nature of the room.

The otherwise monochrome parents room is glorified with dash of matt gold. The specially designed pyramid handles for the cabinets are form par excellence. Enter the master bedroom and the totems overflow in the TV set up cum divider between room and the dressing. Olive green is predominant in this room to showcase and put the totems in the limelight, whether in the bed headboard, the leaf wallpaper or the ombré effect in the sliding glass shutters.


fact file:

  • project: Totem House
  • location: Kolkata
  • architect : Pooja Bihani, Spaces and Design
  • year of completion: 2019
  • photographs: Pooja Bihani

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