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Tiles Industry – Cup of woes overflows

Indian tiles and ceramics industry which is the second largest in the world is in transitional phase and transition is taking place in every sphere of the industry. Demonetisation of currencies in 2016 which was followed by introduction of GST and later on E-Way Bill, have pushed the informal sector, which accounts for nearly half of the industry, onto the path of formalisation. Again, last year an NGT ruling forced the industry to switch over from coal gasifiers to natural gas in the manufacturing process. And recently, a decision by the GCC to impose anti-dumping duty on Indian exports of tiles into Gulf countries has once again put the industry on the lookout for new market for tiles.

All these measures/moves have made the industry resilient and battle ready. That may be the reason why the industry is so confident about its long term prospects despite the disruptions caused in the short term by the events like nationwide lockdown.

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