You may get answers to these questions in 2020

You may get answers to these questions in 2020

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People have undergone lot of pain in 2019 and as such their expectations have risen manifold for 2020. Whether all these expectations and hopes would materialise in 2020? Some of the questions for which you may find answers in 2020 are as follows:

Wil this year’s budget be Path Breaking?

With opposition craving for blood and the economic slide unending, its neither the Prime Minister Mr Modi nor the Home Minister Mr Amit Shah but it’s the Finance Minister Nirmal Sitharaman who can save us from this abyss. Yes, it’s the next budget which is crucial and also an opportunity for the government to get the economy back on growth path and also get back the confidence of the people. Demand needs to be generated, jobs have to be created and trust and confidence among the people have to be brough back. And there can be no other opportune time to do this than the union budget.

Will realty sector come out of slumber?

This is perhaps the nth year the experts predicting the real estate sector coming out of its prolonged slowdown. Also related to this event is what more we can expect for the sector in the next budget? Though the law of probability is in realtors’ favour, turnaround may not be around the corner so soon as the things have turned from bad to worse. Even if a turnaround happens it may not be before the second half of the year. This opinion has been echoed by many seasoned realtors too.

Will there be more Drones in the sky?

Whether we will get our pizzas ordered through Drones in 2020 is difficult to imagine. Whether Amazon will deliver its parcels through Drones in 2020 may be little premature to expect. Irrespective of these things happening, you may find more Drones flying in the skies in 2020, thanks to various (state) governments and government agencies using drones to  capture  GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping of existing land use and building use in cities and other locations. Drones may find wider applications in urban planning in 2020 in areas like transportation management and identification of unauthorised buildings.

Will Central Vista redevelopment gain momentum?

Central Vista redevelopment is the much awaited project in the country and everyone is eager to see the final plan. CPWD has awarded the consultancy work to HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt. Ltd., a practice owned by well known architect, Ar Bipin Patel. Stringent timelines set to complete development/redevelopment of Parliament Building, Common Central Secretariat & Central Vista leave little room for complacency for the project stakeholders. While the timelines given to CPWD to complete the Central Vista project is November, 2021, the work on Parliament building is to be completed by March, 2022 and the common Central Secretariat by March 2024. If these deadlines have to be met, then architectural plan has to be finalised in the early part of 2020. The government has promised to finalise the plan after consultations with architects, conservationists and historians. So, the stakeholders are running against the time.

When will we see the second IKEA store?

As per the schedule it should have happened in March 2019 and in summer 2020 we should have seen the third store. But that has not happened as the plans have got altered and that too many times. This is the era of cross movements where online stores are opening brick-and-mortar shops and vice versa. And even Swedish furniture major is not immune to this trend. IKEA wants a strong online platform before opening its second store in Mumbai as the people have developed a tendency to physically verify a product in the store before ordering online. If everything goes as per plan (revised one) we may get to see two more IKEA stores in 2020.

Who will be the architect of Ram Mandir?

Leaving aside political and religious controversies surrounding it, Ram Mandir has generated lot of interest among the design professionals. After decades of dispute, people are waiting eagerly to know what shape the temple will take and who will be its architect? And sure, year 2020 will provide an answer to these inquisitive minds. Though the possible design of the proposed Ram Mandir is already in circulation in social media, the final pronouncement on the matter has not been made public yet. Again, 2020 may be the year in which design of the temple may be finalised and construction work actually commence.

Will the 100 buildings become nZEB?

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has embarked upon a task of converting the existing buildings which are energy guzzlers into Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). As a first step, BEE will conduct feasibility study of 100 buildings for this purpose free of cost and the task of identifying those 100 buildings and carrying out feasibility studies is given to a separate agency, Environmental Design Solutions (EDS).  In 2020, these eligible buidings will be known and also probably we will come to know how nearly these buildings have become ZEB.

How far AI will invade the architecture profession?

One general fear is that artificial intelligence will make architecture profession redundant. Though a debatable issue, still the concept has the capability to change the way the profession is being conducted. It would be interesting to see what progress AI will make in construction sector in 2020 and in India whether it will make any impact at all on the profession. Perhaps one of the most significant help the AI can provide is in the creation of smart cities. AI is useful not only in building smart cities but also in their daily operation.

Will all houses in the country get DDN?

Though some states (mostly in South India) have already started working on Digital Door Number (DDN), in many parts of the country it’s a concept unknown. Hopefully it will become popular in 2020 just as Aadhar number did and become part of our life. The DDN is very useful as the current addressing system has inconsistent format of addressing within the city limits or between cities. Also, it fills up an important missing digital link in this digital age.